“And there was Mr Lovelybuns titvating his buns as usual”

After organising Frame IO the week before I noticed that none of the characters had been updated since I first began working, and none of the updated versions where on the server…

I asked Megan and she got the newest versions uploaded for me and forwarded Disney’s most recent feedback! Like clockwork I then uploaded to Frame IO and commented the feedback for each character.

I then organised some the scripts – first time working with them since I started which was pretty exciting! I just uploaded Colin’s noted versions of short 06-11 on to the server but it was still a stepping stone, I felt like I was starting to get some more responsibility! I then had to send on the post updated characters to Colin for a urgent review.

I then jumped on to help Vicky with Pinkalicious!  She wanted me to create a master asset list like I created for Claude for;


Secondary Characters



Everything was uploaded on to Basecamp so it was pretty complicated to find everything because there were no naming conventions on any of the things uploaded. Things that needed to be considered when creating it was; what was complete? The most recent version? Where is it? File name needed to be noted to find in the future and then finally if there we any notes that still needed to be addressed or if it was approved! As you can imagine this took up most of my time this week but Vicky was always on hand if I had any questions or wanted feedback! I wanted to make sure it was easily read and was helpful! Making it to what Vicky imagined/needed which inquired a lot of feedback.

On top of all this like clockwork the weekly review happened and I had to update notes from Colin’s package, send emails, update asset sheets, sit in for the review, upload to Frame IO, comment feedback and create the newest package for Colin!

Because Rebekah was in Paris by the end of the week I also had to make the Asset pack/storyboard pack for Canada this week! Just keeping a close eye on the notes I took when Rebekah had explained it to me! It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, trying to get the most recent and up to date versions of each thing per episode off the design team was horrible. I ended up staying later because some things hadn’t be completed yet, or things were cut and I wasn’t made aware of… It was finished though eventually…

I then got my newest task at the end of the week which was pretty exciting for the whole show!! – They started to voice record for the characters!!

Because the fixes were only completed on the scripts this week, we didn’t get much time to highlight each script before the recordings on Monday 21st! So it was panic stations, Megan briefly told me what was needed and which characters;

Highlight each line for; 106/109/114 (asap!) then from 101-122 and the 11 shorts for the characters Miss Hush/ Gloria and Mrs Highkickspin which were needed by 4:00!

As you can imagine it was crazy!! I also had so many problems with the highlighting, any time I re opened my highlights would move, I explained to Megan and she told me to tell the tec guy!

I also had to upload some more up to date drafts on to the server which wasn’t a urgent task compared to everything else that was going on!