“Claude is a small plump dog who wears the snazziest of sweaters and a jaunty red beret”

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit and blog… SO MUCH has happened since my last blog post.. 2 months ago… but I’ll hopefully fill in the gaps with the next couple of blogs; of my weekly antics on placement!

Coming into the 3rd week of life in Sixteen South I got the chance to create the close caption files which are part of the deliverables for Sprout; It was basically uploading files to Rev and patiently waiting! It then should Export a low resolution QT of the full 9 minutes and 10 seconds of each movie file for Lily’s Driftwood Bay. Getting it as small and as low quality as possible! (300 MB hopefully!) Then downloading and storing on to the server for Megan.

I then went back to the BITEC export of scripts and music que sheet notes for another few more episodes of Lily; I briefly mentioned in my last post! There isn’t much to say about this except what I explained in my last post! Just very time consuming…

I also created a contact page with everybody necessary for the Claude project from production/ design/ animation which is pretty handy to have.

I then got stuck into the Claude project, creating a master asset list that the design/production team can access along with the animation directors at any given time; organised by characters, secondary characters, costumes (organised with a drop down menu of each character), locations (organised into different drop down menus for example; Bakery> EXT WIDE) and props (organised into different drop down menus for example; outdoor objects). For everything listed, it’s marked in what episode and short it appears, also using the individual asset lists per episode it’ll be easier to update the master asset list to keep track of cuts or additional items/characters/locations that might have been added and it if its complete, ready for review or still to be designed. Long term this means the re use of characters/costumes/props/locations will be easier to track! As you can imagine it took a day or two to complete this task. From creating this I can say that it has been used by a lot by the design team and animation directors, which is great! They all have the permissions to edit it also which means it’s always being updated.

Of course there was another weekly review for the design team with Tim and Colin! Because of Colin’s busy schedule its hard to get him to review or give the approval weekly, this week we started to email out “packages” to Colin so when he was free or had time scheduled to review things he could simply click on the web link’s in the email which would forward him on to where the image was on Frame IO and comment feedback or approval! He could also see the comments Tim had made (that I would have previously typed up and uploaded). Tim has also started to come down to design now rather than printing up the images he gets to have a one on one talk with each member of the design team and talk about whatever it may be they’re working on!