13th March 2017

This week I was working on the two different projects again; Claude & Pinkalicious


  • Creating templates for Disney again for the pack sent at the start of the week based off what Angie wanted to send.
  • Compare Claude 4th voice recording session to the highlighted scripts
  • Highlight wave 5 scripts for each character.
  • Help create a pack for a new storyboard artist, template backgrounds with scale referencing.


  • Vicky had sent me a email regarding a deadline of 31st March for character poses and backgrounds for ┬áthe advertising/ merchandising team over in america, I had a good few questions so speaking with Vicky was priority this week first thing.
  • Using cellaction I exported high res JPG 300DPI of the main backgrounds used in the pilot, as part of the 31st deadline.
  • I updated Trello online with my asset breakdowns I done last week
  • I organised the Pinka script folders; Colin, Jay and the studio all have folders each of the most recent scripts divided into folders. So I had to update all 3 folders and print off the finalised scripts or the most recent drafts.