Creating a Website

The first step in creating my website was to choose a site to make it on. After my first draft on SquareSpace I decided it wasn’t for me, I didn’t really like any of the layouts that were on offer. I moved to Weebly and started new!

I really wanted a simple look, something clear and to the point. I didn’t want anything to be too complicated. Keeping it personal and try to make it as “ME” as possible I tried to bring a essence of my background and things I care about. My opportunity to do this was in the about me;

Dia duit! My name is Aisling McElroy, I’m currently an Animation student in the Belfast School of Art.

A hopeless dreamer and an eager learner, I’m always trying to enhance my skills and grab every opportunity that comes my way.

Being a movie buff from a young age influenced me to create birthday DVDs for my family, to be like one of the greats (I wish). Mixing my love for film and art with digital platforms slowly followed as I grew. Understanding the importance of the little things is key in my work, after all they are what matters most!

I consider myself a key team player. To that effect, I helped launch a new society called “UUB Creatives”. One of the most successful societies on campus, we created it in the hope of breaking down barriers between courses, creating a new age creative community in Northern Ireland and connecting people from all over.

Growing up bilingual with a rich celtic language helped me to realise that being unique is good, and that every culture and person that I meet has something to offer that can inspire and teach me to grow, explaining my keen love of travel and connecting with others wherever I go!

Everybody has a story to tell and I hope you become a part of mine. 

Using my Irish is second nature so it had to become a part of my website even if it was the simple hello and welcome… Marketing me I wanted to show every aspect of me not just my work but my background, my personality, who I’ve become, who I want to become and what my aims are.

Next was my showreel and then portfolio. Explaining in each part what exactly I done in each piece/project. Finally ending with my blog, cv and contact page! Simple and to the point.



Website Research

Moving from showreels to websites below are some really awesome designs I’ve found online;

Also some cool reads;

Creating a website is another step in marketing yourself. It’s more professional to create your own domain, below are some sites  Greg recommended  that offer this for a small price – Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Themeforest, Weebly. Like a showreel it must be clear. There are endless possibilities when it comes to a website, make it interactive? make it fun? adding share buttons to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Vimeo?

Greg spoke to us about always being prepared for networking. To have our showreel handy always as well as our website. He then went on to recommend printing our own business cards. It’s being left to us on how we go about our own websites. I guess it’ll be interesting to see the difference in design and individuality from the class by the end of the semester.