The last impression – The Finale

My last week!! I honestly have to say the past 6 months have flew by… Where has the time went?

27th March 2017


  • Continuing with printing off wave 4 scripts for each character
  • Creating templates for the weekly Disney pack again based of what Angie (art director) wants to send.
  • The backtracking is still happening with the design team, rushing ahead Megan asked me to backtrack through past emails to see what was sent to Colin for review and creating a list of what was missed.


  • Going through final draft files and cross referencing them with the finalised scripts – changing if needed.
  • Created a spreadsheet with “Pinka moment” (a imaginary moment in most scripts where Pinkalicious imagination comes to life on screen) Page number, line, and what summary of what happens from each scripts.
  • Using Cellaction, I had to go through the animation files used for the pilot and render out key poses for all the main characters in the show, render out pngs and created psd files with a white background layer for each, resizing the poses to 300 resolution.
  • Again with Cellaction,I had to go through the animation files used for the pilot and render out key locations this time into jpgs.
  • Michael created a book log a few weeks back, just keeping track of what copies of what stories we have a hardcopy, softcopy or nothing of! My mission was to update this and list links and prices for any books we didn’t have a hard copy of.
  • I had to create a template for review, differently to Claude, this project create a pdf breakdown almost with all props for that review. Feedback was given that the template was too distracting of the designs so Michael got me to create a very basic and plain layout for this weeks review. Feedback was further given and of course I addressed the issues for the next PDF that followed not long after.

My last week over at Sixteen South.. or so I thought!!

Vicky (production manager on Pinkalicious) has kindly asked me to stay on to help them for the next month or so, part time!!!! (HOW EXCITING)

I obviously accepted the offer, I’m pleased to think I’ve become beneficial to the team and my time here has not been wasted! I also realise how lucky I am to receive such a great experience, it honestly was a offer I couldn’t not accept.


“Everything was Pinkaperfect!”

20th March 2017

Everything does seem to be perfect! The last few weeks have completely blurred into one but I feel like I’ve finally “fit in” so to say… I think I’m doing good now as a production assistant! (Hopefully) I’m really enjoying my time here at Sixteen South, I’ll be sad to leave…

Again, working across the two project Claude & Pinkalicious;


  • Working ahead with the script printing again was pretty key this week in any time I had to spare, I want to leave knowing that I will still contributed to work weeks after I’ve left.
  • Creating templates for the weekly Disney pack, working off the smart sheet’s Angie has marked “to be sent”
  • Cross checking every asset pack sent with the work on our server and frame IO, to be sure the most recent versions are available.


  • After getting feedback from Vicky on the Basecamp organising I done with Michael, I quickly changed it to suit, only having relevant files was the main comment!!
    • Starting with characters; Generic/Episodic (CH DES)
    • Backgrounds (BG DES)
    • Props (PR DES)
  • Asset breakdown again for another script, again further updating all of the trackers on the server and following up;
  • Updating Trello board for the props.
  • Saving desapp jpgs off all the approved characters to date, A3 & A4 and organising into folders so the design team and directors have easy access.
  • Cross referencing the voice recording sessions with the scripts, making any changes if necessary to the scripts and saving it as a tracklay version.
  • The design team on pinka keep reference of any image of texture they use, on the server we have the generic/ mostly used image reference but a lot of them outsource images so Michael keeps track of whats been used on a “Image referencing tracker” – which he has kindly left for me to keep up to date! I cracked on without hesitance.
  • Printing off all the finalised scripts for Jay the director, including the tracklay scripts I had done earlier that week.

Along with the production work this week I was asked to do a design test for a prop on the show!! ( I KNOW) (SO EXCITING)

Keeping with their style and constantly bringing into the background to see if it fit was my main strategy when designing the prop,  haven been looking through whats been created already for the show in the past two weeks, I had a idea of what was needed. It was so fun getting to draw again, I felt so fancy using one of the studios massive drawing tablets!! Learning from the course feedback is always good so I kept bugging the art director James to look at my design and what could I do to make it better and he was more than willing to help and guide me along, giving feedback and addressing it after I finished.

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring this along to the presentation on the 3rd!




13th March 2017

This week I was working on the two different projects again; Claude & Pinkalicious


  • Creating templates for Disney again for the pack sent at the start of the week based off what Angie wanted to send.
  • Compare Claude 4th voice recording session to the highlighted scripts
  • Highlight wave 5 scripts for each character.
  • Help create a pack for a new storyboard artist, template backgrounds with scale referencing.


  • Vicky had sent me a email regarding a deadline of 31st March for character poses and backgrounds for  the advertising/ merchandising team over in america, I had a good few questions so speaking with Vicky was priority this week first thing.
  • Using cellaction I exported high res JPG 300DPI of the main backgrounds used in the pilot, as part of the 31st deadline.
  • I updated Trello online with my asset breakdowns I done last week
  • I organised the Pinka script folders; Colin, Jay and the studio all have folders each of the most recent scripts divided into folders. So I had to update all 3 folders and print off the finalised scripts or the most recent drafts.



Pinkalicious and Peteriffic

6th March 2017

Final month!

This week I was very much spread thin across two shows, Claude as you know and Pinkalicious & Peteriffic!

Firstly working on Claude this week;

  • I created more character templates, more templates to be sent to Disney in the pack, updated smartsheet and frame IO.
  • Comparing Claudes recording to the scripts once again!

Pinkalicious & Peteriffic


Vicky (the production manager on Pinkalicious) asked me to help out with the new and upcoming show for WBGH. The Pinkalicious book series is a series of books written and illustrated by Victoria Kann and is now been created into a tv series by Sixteen South!!! The narrative surrounds a girl called Pinkalicious and is told in first person narrative; each episode will have a learning objective for kids. Familiarising myself with the narrative, pilot (which has already been created),  the style and feel for the show as well was essential to hopefully becoming a reliable member of the team and not just a “helping hand” for a few days.

This series had really filled my time up this week!!

  • I had to create a PSD file of each shot in the pilot on a new layer;
    • Background file name on each shot
    • Printed A3 for Jay (director)
    • And also a email transfer for Jay for the reminder shots because he had to leave early to catch a train!
    • If there were some locations that I was missing I had to look through bridge on their server for any locations not used in the pilot.
  • I had to organise Pinka’s basecamp into categories, by adding the following to the threads posted i.e
    • Props; PR DES
    • Locations: BG DES
    • Characters/costumes: CH DES
    • Scripts/ scene by scene/ premise: TXT
    • Music/tracklays: AU
  • Following the task I got my first go at script breakdowns, which really explains itself in the title… Reading through scripts and updating the trackers on what props/ characters/costumes and backgrounds were in the scripts.
  • Updating the asset lists was another priority this week in the Pinka project; adding page numbers and the exact line in which a prop was mentioned; into columns beside each asset.

On top of the above I had to cover reception for Ant!! Talk about being spread thin…

The weeks seem to disappear with a blink of the eye. Working on two different projects its become really aware to me how different productions work, depending on the manager obviously but there is definitely a different workflow. What I originally thought was a insight to the industry working with the amazing Claude team is slowly broadening while working on both projects and each day seems to bring another learning curve or another aspect of production.


‘Sir Bobblysock needed a BIG cup of tea from just looking at him…’

27th February 2017

These blog posts are so repetitive… I’m sure if anyone reads this you know whats coming next;

Weekly tasks;

  • Creating templates for the pack being sent to Disney
  • Creating finalised character templates for any final approved rendered character designs.
  • Creating rig test templates; i.e 3/4 comparison and turnarounds for some of the characters
  • Updating Frame IO animatics with the newer versions.
  • Comparing the recording session with Claude to the highlighted scripts to make sure nothing fell through any cracks.
  • Updating the trackers for whats been sent to Disney/ whats been given feedback/ whats approved.
  • Updating Frame IO with last weeks asset packs
  • Updating the server system for all approved assets/ props/ locations & characters
  • Upload Angie and Colin’s feedback to frame IO & Smart sheet, again further updating the trackers.

My major task this week was to create/design the pitch bible for ‘Under The Stairs’

Taking the information given along with some artwork I created a 20(ish) paged bible to be sent to NI Screen! Getting into something more creative really pushed this week along so quickly, inbetween all of the minor tasks here and there this was my main focus.

Because I was given all the information all I had to do was make it look good, keep to the style of the series and hopefully pull across the narrative and feel for the show.

At the end of the week the creators joined us in studio to lift my design and loved it!! Hopefully I’ll be able to show this May 3rd at the presentations.

20th february 2017

I’ve ran out of funny titles….

Basically nearly 1 month to gooooo!!!

Because my time is nearly over at Sixteen South I’m determined to make myself as useful as possible, I’m really enjoying my time here and the people are excellent! So as part of my goodbye I want to push ahead with more time consuming tasks so Rebekah and Megan aren’t swamped without me!

Working ahead I started to print 4 copies of each script highlighted per character for wave 4 (even though the voice recordings are well over two months away, this task stressed the whole studio out so better to be down now rather than later) ! I also created the breakdown page like the old highlights before christmas; line count and page breakdown per script.  I highlighted the final script for wave 4 too (for each character) and again repeated the above.

Some smaller tasks during the week included sending files to Sardine, contacting Regency Print & Design about pricing for the creation of a pitch bible for “under the stairs”

The Pitch Bible is a tool that helps convey your concept. It is a tool to help you present and is a leave-behind to trigger the decision makers memory.

Again the basic weekly tasks, writing up animatic’s feedback from Disney on to Frame IO for the design and animation team to see. Uploading more completed animatic’s and forwarding to Colin to post feedback.

  • Updating additional backgrounds for the asset pack this week,  making sure that last weeks asset pack (designs) were uploaded to frame IO, also including things that were sent to Disney.
  • Creating templates, turnaround and 3/4 comparisons of the render and original design for some of the main characters.
  • Printing off scripts for a meeting with Colin and Angie (art director)
  • Printing off all locations to date A4 for the meeting above too.
  • Preparing scripts for Claude’s third recording session a.k.a highlighting lines in each script, printing and creating a breakdown & callsheet.
  • Creating templates for the Disney pack being sent Monday, locations/costumes and props.


“He wiggled and jiggled all over until he was almost a blur”

Week 18

Again catching up with the server system this week! Getting the PSD files off the designers, I finally got the props and costume section up to date!!

Another time consuming task this week was to make sure the master asset list was 100% up to date in comparison to the break downs for each episode. I was asked to specifically look at the episodes that have sent asset packs!

More minor tasks were; to create more turnaround and three quarter comparisons for more rig tests, line checking for a short “Under The Stairs” animatic, copying all of the sprout audio stems of the second season of Lily’s Driftwood Bay into a master folder for Megan and creating  wetransfer links, updating the prop asset lists with images for each prop, highlight dialogue the final script of wave 4 for Claude.

At the end of the week we had a production meeting, more of a catch up of where things are production wise and also some changes that will be happening in the next few weeks. More design staff are being hired and will be divided into teams! Hypothetically for now, over the next few months one team will be working on a assets the first week while the second time will be doing clean ups from the week before and vice versa! This will hopefully clear our back log and get things really flowing through the factory.

I also had my first time helping out at 3D Dojo!! It was so much fun, its really got me excited to get back into the more creative side which I have been thinking about! Some friends and I are meeting on wednesday to discuss starting our own short!!