Baby steps to big dreams

Working on my weight animation over the past few days has (hopefully) paid off. I decided to to animate the Casey rig getting up from a sitting down position and being a baby she would obviously have to be a little wobbly.

Not knowing any younger children I hit youtube to see if there were any home videos of kids taking their first steps;

this being my main reference and some other’s I looked at;

Below is a playblast from the first steps of animating;

Always looking for feedback I asked some fellow animators, teachers and more importantly honest friends;

Not being able to see things until they are pointed out sucks but like I’ve said having people you trust to give you constructed ¬†help, helps a lot! Taking the feedback onboard my second animation test;

again going back and refining things, below was the final outcome;



Showing weight

For the final part of the animating task in the creative development project we have to show weight. Researching first before diving into animating;

and looking into what other beginners and animators have done online;