End of the Semester

Looking back on this module, it’s shocking how much I’ve learnt about the industry. This module has definitely gave me the starting step into looking for a placement. If you’re reading this hopefully you’ve read some of my other posts and can see that I still have a lot to improve on but thats the industry folks.. So much to learn and hopefully create. Pulling my head out of the clouds over my break I’ll be focusing on looking a placement and putting everything I’ve learnt into practice, improving my cover letter and personalising it for each company I apply to, also improving my showreel and working on my animations.

Getting the chance to hear from some of the guest speakers Greg had in or had Skype in was unbelievable! Reflecting on my notes from each speaker the advice each of them gave us, kind of mix together. The same things were being repeated so I guess it’s just a matter of where you travel or work the same principles and work ethic apply. The industry is a lot smaller than I expected. Creating a good name and reputation seems to go very far. I also noticed the majority of our guest speakers had that one year were they solely focused on their work, improving themselves and learning something they were passionate about. In my bubble I thought that this course will teach you everything and you’ll have no problem finding a job when it ends, but that’s not the case. I’m happy that’s not the case because now I realise that this industry is never ending, there will always be something new and exciting to learn! It also seems that this industry is full of interesting people, I’ve decided to make note of that and promise to pick everybody and anybody’s brain I ever get the chance to speak with.