It’ll do rightly

Constantly getting feedback and trying to improve my lip sync, I decided to render out what I had done for the interview;

I think it’s been a massive improvement from when I first started, I’m really happy with the outcome although I know loads can still be improved when I have time off after the hand in;

  • The arm jolts slightly and doesn’t look organic
  • Some of the mouth shapes need held longer
  • Her head moves a bit floatyI need to act it out more to make the movement in a whole more organic
  • The animation needs tidying
  • I’ve been told to look into more tutorials

Alec shared this awesome tutorial with me;



Above is the first animation test, I tried sticking with the animation reference but ended up taking it a different direction. I think it suits the character more, after showing a few people the above playblast I got some feedback from Matthew;

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 15.14.15

Taking his feedback on board and advancing the animation below is a playblast on how further I’ve advanced;

Matthew was also kind enough to lend me his book; How to Cheat in Maya 2014: Tools and Techniques for Character Animation by Kenny Roy. It was super useful in getting the break down of the facial animation. Danny  and Alec also helped by sharing this with me;

Again looking for more feedback on the more advanced animation playblast Aidan suggested I exaggerate her mouth more and suggested I look at Anna’s work which is really awesome;


Lip Sync

Starting to work on extra side projects of my own for my showreel I’ve decided to look into character animation – lip syncing.

Before starting I’ve read up on a few websites and also looked at Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit.

I’ve decided to use a quote out of Gillian Armstrong’s – little women. Below is my video reference for the animation.